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07-23-2010, 06:41 AM
I m from NNBROTHERS3D. I am just another user of Lightwave 9.6 n also HardCore member of NewTek . It's being happening 1&1/2 years years since i bought Lightwave for Mac.Till now i've updated my lightwave many times. but Believe it or not none of that update worked properly n i m using still the original version of Lightwave.
In Lightwave the only thing that i am concerned about is that the modeling tools in here is very time taking. N also they r not precise enough to make models according to my requirement.
You guys are very hard working n i m proud to be a part of Lightwave team but these r some basic things dat must be solved. For an example if i m working with very architecture based design so i needed the tool behave according to that, I've been using 3Ds Max n Maya & u know they r very handy. Like if want to use taper or bend tool in Lightwave I need to see the reference line of taper modifier like in max or maya.
Sir I would really be great if u can may just modeling tool like Max or Maya...Like i can't even see, where my tool is going.
And i takes very long time to create a simple short scene. But in other softwares this is very easy and hand n the output is just amazing....

I would really appreciate if u guys can resolve this thing else is very fine N also u can reply me.....Thanks

Here r some samples i m including use of other softwares n Lightwave 9.6
Images 1st & 2nd:Other Sofwares
3rd & 4th: Lightwave 3D

And also here are some reference of the UI made by Matt gorner found on web.





www.thennbrothers3d.com (http://www.thennbrothers3d.com)

07-23-2010, 09:32 AM
the UI must be eye catchy but not cluttered. the modo style looks good.

i saw the lw core demo on youtube, it looks pretty good.

07-24-2010, 06:05 AM
Made in other software!!!Guess how much it will take in LW UI.
Because in here the need is to make it accurate in measure and proportion also curves must be look like real one.so here challenge increases.Also has to look real in render for acceptance.