View Full Version : Scoreboards, LT2 integration, Help?

andy cricket
07-15-2010, 06:36 PM
Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing Live Text2 and the graphics packs for using in conjunction with a Tricaster.

I have a couple of things I would like clarified before I spend the $$. Any advice is appreciated - I am quite excited at the prospect of this software.

Are the scoreboards and other graphics customisable to accommodate a number of different sports? I will need to have a number of different configurations, not all using a timer countdown and Team A v Team B etc.

I understand scoreboards can be updated through the datalink program. Is this datalink program able to be changed to accomodate other sports, or is it just the link between the tricaster and the scoring machine?

Can you have multiple graphics up at once? For example, can I leave the scoreboard along the top of the screen all day, and still produce lower thirds at will?

I am hoping to have scorers using one computer, updating data via a network onto a graphics computer which will be used for Live text2 and integrating the scores and graphics into the Tricaster. Is this setup workable?

Does livetext 2 require an input into the tricaster? (Then keyed out) Or does it come through on the FX bus via network?

I would love to hear from anyone who is using this software in practice! It looks like it will do the job, but I need to be sure.