View Full Version : trouble with surface baking…

09-16-2003, 11:21 AM
Hi people,

I'm having issue with the rendering of a baked surface.

See the pic below :
- up is the rendered object
- down the UV rendered by baking.

The fact everything is white is NOT the issue there.

The UV may looks rather complicated but it's not,
I just created it very quickly selecting all the surfaces
that were "outide" of the houses, it's an atlas UV.

However I don't understand that strange looking of the
texture where the polys have been tripled, see on the pic.
This is the kind of issue you have generally when
- smoothing is not correctly setted, but there it's all flat and smooth
is disabled

- points are not merged but there they all are

besides all faces are 4 or 3 points as more would'nt be
allowed by the baking.

So kif anyone has an idea of where does it come from…