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09-16-2003, 09:05 AM
okay i might have been brought up on 3dsmax [dont hit me!]but
the stretch tool in lightwave is really bugging me today!

why [oh why....] can you not lock say the x and z together when stretching with the stretch tool??

it seems such a basic need for many operations...in max you'd simply grab the x & z then nonuniform scale and those wouod be locked together and scale up leaving the y out of the scaleup or stretch...

all we get is the cntl key to lock a stretch to ONE way...GRR!

other than that we have to "eyeball" such a procedure with the mouse..not accurate at all is it?

and the size tool simply re sizes all polys...in a simple box you could selec the top and bottom poly then resize and will just scel up the way you want and not increase the height...but on a complex model..it's no go..

currently i use stretch and constrain to say x and stretch it to say 128% the do another stretch in z and constrain that and match it up to 128%...which is real slow an cumbersome...

another way is to eyeball the stretch with no comstraints and note the % then undo it and manually type it in to make sure it
does the accurate stretch in both axis...

the other way is to set the axis and say put in 95% in both hor and vert then click apply repeatedly till you get near where you want it to be then change to say 99% in both to get it crack on...
..still not upto 3dsmax though in this interactive resize/scale capabilities...

surely there's a way to do this interactively with eaither the stretch tool or a new super stretch tool addon plugin?

steve g

09-16-2003, 09:18 AM
Are we talking about in modeler? Because you can constrain to two axes by holding ctrl and diagonally dragging...It's tricky to do I admit, but it does work...

09-16-2003, 09:37 AM


i wish they'd put these little gems in the manual!..
yeah it's a little trick but it can be done..which is a great relief!

maybe the size tool should have x,y,z buttons to activate..and that would solve it very elegantly rather than the "hope-o-matic" way the stretch tool works..

still there's a way at least!

steve g