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07-10-2010, 11:12 AM
Because a large number of us are using a different publishing strategy. Let me lay it out so you can understand why so many of us are pissed off. Here is my publishing steps

1. Live Stream 75 Minutes (Love it)
2. Record Live Stream (Love it)
3. Edit in Speed Edit (works sufficient)
4. Render edited video (35 Minutes)
5. Copy Render Video to Second Machine (10 Minutes) (1gig ethernet)
6. Re-Render .avi file to (.mp4 or .m4v) (40 Minutes) (dual quad core)
7. Upload Video to Repository (for Podcast Distro)
8. Upload Video to You Tube + 4-5 other sites
9. Publish Podcast

If this machine created a publish quality (.mp4/.m4v) I eliminate steps 5-6 which add over 1 hour of EXTRA WORK multiply this by 100's of videos a year and I can eliminate a staff position

Newtek needs to realize many of us are under very tight publishing timelines. While the live stream lets us get the news out on time. THE MONEY is in the archived content. Only 300 or 400 will watch my live stream. But 200,000 will download the archived media through iTunes, Zune, Mobile Devices etc the Video that I have published as a Podcast. I get paid on a per 1000 download basis.

What you don't know is that not only am I a content creator I am also the CEO of RawVoice a 6 year old profitable Media company, currently we represent 5,500 media creators across the United States & Canada. Those 5,500 are reaching 40 Million people monthly, most are not doing Video because audio is easier.

We could drive a lot more sales to Newtek and consider applying to be a re-seller if they would just understand the market that they are not tapping into. When I have to tell a media creator the steps I have to go through to get a finished product they laugh and say it is not worth it.

1 Render Cool - 2 Renders Foolish

If you want podcasters, new media creators to shell out big money in massses you have to make the publishing pipeline tight fast. The current support of .mp4 is a JOKE!

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice
twitter: geeknews

Once again.. for me.. it seem you are playing toward the weaknesses, and not the strengths.

You can send your feed into a cheapy second computer and do mbr.. etc.. why should NewTek spend time and R&D to integrate a technology that's already free and easily available?

I guess this is an opinion piece rather than an answer...Thanks for reading

Bob Anderson

07-10-2010, 11:39 AM
I took the liberty of moving this post, since it really had little or nothing to do with the thread it was originally posted in, and would just be a distraction without getting the attention it deserves. That said, it's a valid expression and deserves consideration. (It really wasn't a 'Community' post, so I sought a new location while I was at it. It wasn't 'singular' enough to fit tidily into Feature Requests, though some could spring from further discussion. It's not really a 'Troubleshooter' item either, so this seemed the best place for it.)

AFAICS, there's just one redundant (i.e., 'eliminate-able') step in all of those listed. Ideally, steps 4 and 6 should be combined.

One way of doing that might involve using the 'AVI Wrapper' instead of an actual render from SE - but I'm not sure how that would work across a network right now, nor how difficult it would be to arrange to move the ersatz AVI along with it's dependant files to another host. A standalone copy of SE2 could 'render' that issue moot, I suppose.

Naturally it would be better if a good final file suitable for publishing could be rendered directly from SE2 in the first place. I'm not really sure one can expect as good a result from an NLE as a good dedicated encoder will produce, but perhaps some have render settings tips, or completely different suggestions.