View Full Version : VT[5] Live - Bad input signal on composite, YC and component

06-29-2010, 04:08 AM
I try to my new VT[5] live with SX84 in live set mode

I did the first test without any video signal
and known noise video also confirmed by Videoscope
But this does not occur on all inputs, for
if I select the input "composite1a, 1c, 1b...." the monitor shows noise in the black
if I select the input "composite 2b" monitor no noise inside the black
if I select any entry "YC" I see them with video noise
if I select any entry compomnent the signal remains clear
All this without any input signal, using only sx84

Second Test:
I have two identical cameras JVC GY-HD200
I connected a camera in composite input "C2B" passing the bar generated by the camera S / N looks good, But in video scope does not reach 100 IRE Peack....75%
I connected the second video camera component in a transmitting signal bars
This presents a green throughout the image even more to the shadows
I did a calibration using proc amp but I received several strange effects and then crashes.
I reset everything with the utility. I rebooted the system and tried again ... nothing

The cables I used for testing I use on my video editing system AVID, and this work well.
I changed three of the composite cables but I got the same result
I filmed with two cameras and then I edit captured images with Speed Edit, they do not differ on the luma or chroma
Preview/Alpha output are disabled

my pc: MoBo Asus pq5, intel core duo 3.6 GHz, 3Gb ram, Sys Windows 7 - 64bit, 6 x Hd 500Gb raid 0 (strip size).

you have any suggestions on how to solve the problem.
Thank you and I apologize for my English