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06-23-2010, 01:58 PM

Often times I will design a Scene using an Object and then later have to edit the Object and add new Layers that weren't there before. The Scene does not import the new ones that were added after I first brought it into the Scene. I can Replace the Object with the Replace button, but the new layers still are not there in the Scene. If I load them separately then I have several problems. First, it is more work having to load each one separately. Second, they do not show up in the Graph Editor together with the other layers of the Object. Instead they show up as individual line items like they were full objects. Third, any parenting that was there in the Object in Modeler is lost and I have to manually add it and then readjust their positions to where they are supposed to be relative to their parents.

Is there a way to force Layout to bring in all the new layers that were not present when the Object was originally placed in the Scene? It would eliminate a lot of work. I am learning that you really need to have all your layers complete in Modeler before you even begin animating it but it is not always possible to anticipate all of the layers you will need before starting an animation.

06-23-2010, 02:43 PM
Hey Pablo. There is an art to working in layout with the hub off, that's for sure. If you have the hub on, it should auto load in layers that you create, and leave layers that you delete from the .lwo as blank null objects but still referencing that layer from the .lwo.

So anyways, I'm assuming you are working with the hub disabled like I do. I think mine (on my mac) is renamed to omghubyousucksobad or something similar.

The easiest way to refresh a model file with new layers you added to the .lwo is to, save the scene, re-open the scene, use 'load object layer' and bring in all the additional layers one at a time, then parent them how you need it.

If you have TONs of new layers in your model file that you need to bring in, you can do an alternative. Load that entire object again, delete all the layers you already have in the scene, and you are left with only the new ones. Then you'll want to save the scene, and reopen it. Then parent them how you need.

Yes both ways suck. The reason I say you need to save/re-open the scene is because you need all the layers of this object to be from the same file. If you have layers from the prior file before you saved your .lwo, and you save that object from inside layout, you could be saving an old .lwo over your new .lwo losing work. There is also the issue of surfaces, when you have an older layer mixed with newer layers, you get duplicate objects listed in surface editor. Hard to know which one you are working on.. so re-opening the scene basically will make layout take all the layers from the current .lwo file.

There is a way to bypass the re-opening of the scene file to refresh the old layers. I use this trick sometimes if the hierarchy is right. So remember, your goal is to make sure old layers are from the newly saved .lwo file. What you need to do is find the root layer, (layer 1) from the lwo. If all the layers are children or under it in the scene editor you can do a cool trick where you basically use, 'replace object' command on that layer. Then pick the same .lwo. It will reload all of those layers, then you can pull in any new layers with 'load object layer' and you'll be ok because they are all from the same file. no issues with saving or surfacing. This only really works on simple objects that you don't have layers parented too crazy. If you have a layer stuck off in some other hierarchy, the replace object command won't replace it.. then you are stuck with re-opening the scene to refresh it or selecting it and using 'replace object layer'.. which with a lot of layers is very annoying.

I hope that makes some sense, and I know it isn't the answer to your question, but I thought it may help to see another persons approach to working with updating layers in layout w/out a hub. As for a solution to refreshing an entire object in a scene file, no matter where it's parented.. I would love to have it! Add in the bonus of it seeking missing layers and loading them in too?? Holy smokes that would save me time too.

Really it doesn't seem like it would be hard to write a plug in for it. But I can't write plugins so.. what do i know.