View Full Version : LT lower third crawls mysteriously jump to top of screen on playback

06-19-2010, 08:38 AM
We have both an XD300 and an 'elderly' VT5. When playing back a project, some of the LT Live lower third crawls randomly jump to the top of the screen outside of the safe title area. This occurs on both machines. We can replace the offending crawls with some success, but not always. Surprisingly, this can happen at render time, before moving the render to another machine for authoring DVDs.

Thanks for any input.

bob anderson
07-08-2010, 09:34 PM
Unfortunately, I've experienced the same thing, and there really doesn't seem to be any rhyme nor reason for it. I HAVE noticed that at least 75% of the time, saving, and re-loading the project seems to clear it up. My guess is some error in the "real time rendering" ( in the background ). Quitting and re-loading seems to force the re-render, and clears up the issue.

It seems that SE 2.0 on the TCXD300, and 850 doesn't have the same issues, but I HAVE seen similar issues in 2.0 stand-alone.

Bob Anderson