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06-15-2010, 01:48 PM
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I had to get this off my chest.

I live in Canada. I upgraded to Lightwave 9.6. It got to me quite quickly (via Fedex). I needed to get a new dongle.

I used a prepaid Canada Post XPressPost envelope ($~11 CAD) and shipped my parallel port dongle back to Newtek on Friday May 28. They received it on Tuesday, June 1. Five days, spanning over a weekend, is pretty good.

The USB dongle replacement was shipped from NewTek by UPS on June 4. Shipping cost approximately the same amount (~$15 USD). Apparently the dongle was tied to the back of a snail because it took until June 14 to receive it. The annoying thing was the estimated arrival date from UPS was pushed back daily. I had to keep adjusting my story to my clients as to when I'd be able to deliver work to them. Very embarrassing. And before anyone says I shouldn't have upgraded in the middle of a project, I didn't. I had a small window where no work was booked/due and I chose that time to upgrade. Apparently my window was not large enough.

I have a "high performance car" in the driveway with no keys... I guess this is my punishment for not picking the $75 shipping option. $75??!? Sorry, but that's just crazy.

In fact, the receipt for the dongle, which was sent via US Postal Service, took half as long to get to me, and it only cost $0.75.

I have never been impressed by UPS. Why doesn't Newtek use Fedex or some other more reliable shipper? Customer satisfaction would go up, don't you think? Is that not worth pursuing?