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06-12-2010, 11:53 AM
Hi, I'm a computer graphics teacher in a public school and our resources are limited to say the least. This coming year we got lucky and got a new Mac lab. The problem is that we used to have a PC lab and all our software is for PC. We have Lightwave 8 on our PC and since we don't really have more money to buy full 9.6 we'll stick to LW8. When we got LW8 there was another teacher in my position so I didn't install anything, ergo, I don't know anything of the process. My main question is, can I install that same LW8 on the Macs? using the same disks, dongles, and serials? The PCs will be wiped out (which really doesn't matter because LW won't work without the dongles anyway). So, can it be done?
If you see any other flaws to my plan, please point them out and give solutions
Thank you all

06-12-2010, 12:13 PM
Yes but I believe you need a different license key. You can get that through your registration page.

Everything else should work (discs and dongle). The installer will be different as you would be using the Mac installer.