View Full Version : Finally updated the workstation and... wow

06-09-2010, 12:47 PM
For those folks looking for an upgrade on the "faster than a baseline dual 2.26 Ghz Mac Pro" on the cheap.

I decided to get a professionally built HP 109t workstation with the Intel i7 980 6 core monster processor. I was able to get it with 12GB of RAM 2x 1GB HDD, Blueray DVD Combo drive, a "meh" video card (5570 Radeon) and a wireless ethernet card for about $2200 including shipping. The lowest I could get by assembling my own computer with the same components was around $2600.

I know it's weird buying a multiplier unlocked CPU on a system like that but I figure if I want to overclock it I can just get a new MB, PSU (the one they include is anemic) and Video card for about $500-$600 more.

So far I've only done tests with After Effects but it's been spectacular compared to the 8 (16 virtual) core 2.26 Mac Pro at work with 16GB of RAM. About 30% faster so far in CS4. I'll have to wait till we get CS5 at work to compare those render times. Lightwave will be coming up next.