View Full Version : These could make core Gr8!

06-07-2010, 08:09 PM
Lightwave has been mising out on alot of the tools that make other packages gr8. so here's what I think can help lightwave catch up, perhaps in Core or something.
Maxon C4D's Mograph has made achieving very complex Motion Graphics a breeze, motions that would be very difficult and stressful if not impossible to do with the native tools of lightwave, so Newtek could take a look at offering a similar solution in an enhanced form.

Another thing I cant keep mute over is how Lux built Modo based on LW technology, Maybe Newtek could also build Core based on the technology that makes Modo a great Modeler, by picking up all the great tools in Modo and making them better in LW Core.

Besides all the great tools that Newtek is building into Core, I also think an integration of LW CAD into Core would certainly make it an overkill for architectural Modeling which could beat down modellers like Modo... in that regard.

Cant say it all. so in a nut shell, I think there is no need for Newtek to re-invent the wheel, just pick the best tools out there and make them better
and in doing that, Core will grow to claim the number one spot once again.

Just my opion, no gunz pls.

06-12-2010, 12:34 PM
I am still waiting for my license to arrive from Hong Kong, but i am certainly looking forward to go on core path. What i would suggest is if possible to core look at hexagon and silo for the modeling camp. Although both apps are considered dead by manies, it is still very nice modeling apps due to their easy and straight to the point workflow.
Modo is just too much work to achieve one goal in the modeling camp imo.