View Full Version : Video Encoding for Web Really SUCKS!

06-04-2010, 01:25 PM
In all honesty I am pretty sick of having to deal with the double encoding I have to do to get a product I can put on the web. It's great that Newtek has really made it easy to produce live content..

But once the live stream is over and you want to get the content ready for the net

The built in Apple iPod (Mpeg4) encoder SIMPLY SUCKS
The built in Apple Mac (Quicktime) encoder Simply SUCKS

After editing the media in Tricaster Studio I export now to Microsoft Windows (AVI) then I copy the file over to a secondary machine and use a $39.95 media converter to create a .mp4 video that is acceptable.

Why is it that a $39.95 program can create a better encode of a .mp4 than my $10k plus Tricaster?

I simply hate having to double encode the video to send to YouTube and make available for iPod download is of acceptable quality.

I am curious what is everyone else doing to get an acceptable product for the web after the live stream..

Totally frustrated.

06-08-2010, 09:52 AM
We have pretty much the same experience. we usually work with flash(.flv) or wmv. if the editor had the ability to export/render with higher quality(300kb is only option now) it would be nice. as it is, we are exporting to .avi - then re-encoding at the pixel ratio and kb rate the client wants.
just need a little more flexibility. Agreed...frustrating lack of control which appears to be easily correctable.