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06-04-2010, 07:28 AM
Hi guys, I'm looking at getting into the basics of lightwave. There are some specific things I would like to learn where I think I would really benefit from an instructor rather than online tutorials.

I would be applying Lightwave for television and most likely integrating with after effects. I've been working in the television industry for 5 years as a motion graphics designer, primarily in after effects.

Basically I would like to achieve:
3D text and logos
Modeling of products like mobile phones etc.
Basic animation of the above
Realistic texturing, lighting and rendering techniques
Methods of integrating with after effects

No character modeling needed (yet haha!)

Is there anyone in Sydney Australia who would be open to training me one night a week? This could be a really easy job for someone with good cash on the side. I would prefer someone with experience already working in the industry.

Anyone interested can contact me by email: jenkins.d ((at)) internode.on.net



06-06-2010, 12:33 AM
Hi Danny

I'm in Brisbane which isn't much help. But I can recommend Kurv Studio Videos, there was an old version 8 video - where you modelled a TV. That was quite a good intro.

I highly recommend The wordware Lightwave Essentials book as a good overview and the wordware Lightwave Texturing book is excellent too.

I've also bought Dan Albions book which is a good intro. I preferred Dan Albions courseware videos over the book - just my learning style.

Larry Schwaltz (aka Spline God) did a Kurv video on Logos using Lw 9.X but I can't find that on the Kurv list.


there's even one on logos
http://www.3dgarage.com/product_p/lw95bc.htm (I haven't tried it)

http://www.studiodaily.com/store/lightwave/4.html (haven't tried this one)
For VFX there are some other sites too
http://www.desktopimages.com/VFX1.shtml (haven't tried these)

also don't forget about the many videos that Newtek have. I think there you tube channel for them.

This is a good place to start for web stuff.


I'm thinking of creating a website myself designed for the newbies like me.

Keep in touch this might encourage me to create / design a free on line course.


06-06-2010, 02:03 AM
Hi Michael, thanks for your reply!

I've been going through the official lightwave tuotrial videos, and will check out those links you have posted too.

There is always that first hurdle of having the discipline to make a good start even when it's hard! I'm still keen on the idea of finding an instructor as I find it hard to put aside time for learning new things with current workload being so busy... if I physically had to sit down with someone for a couple of hours a week I think I would find it more of an incentive hehe!