View Full Version : clonig object using differend clipmaps?

Marc Segers
05-29-2010, 03:17 PM
Hi, i'm working on a scene with lots of trees. I wonne use a emitter for cloning a polygon over an terrain.I use an image of a tree for the polygon and use the clipmap function.Than i clone the poly.So far no problem.
But now i wonne use the same settings but i wonna use not 1 image for the trees( i get all the same trees now) but more than 1.You can conpaire it with the eco system in Vue(but they use objects).Here you can pick your plants ,rocks,.... and controle the scale and percentige off use.
Is this possible? Is there a plugin for it ? you need differend images in the surface editor but also for the clipmap.
I like to use clipmaps because they render fast.