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05-24-2010, 07:36 AM
I am hoping that someone might be able to help me troubleshoot a problem.

We purchased a Tricaster Broadcast last month. I have upgraded it to the latest software.

I placed the Tricaster in the 3 cam ISO mode to record a program last week. While trying to switch between cameras, both the preview and output on screen monitors flickered constantly. Now the 3 cameras being used were (2) Sony HVR-Z5U and (1) Sony HVR-HD1000U. The camera outputs were set properly to SD DV. Input 1 on the Tricaster was component, inputs 2 & 3 were composite. The inputs were configured properly. During the production, I rebooted the Tricaster and did a system config thinking that it was a sync issue. The problem continued. I reviewed the recorded footage and found the flickering was captured. I then tested the Tricaster in 3 cam ISO mode the next day in an A/C environment (perfect conditions) and replicated the flickering. I then switched the unit back to 6 input mode and the cameras switched with out a problem and no flicker. So…is it not possible or not recommended to put the Tricaster Broadcast into this mode?

Thanks for any/all help you can provide!

bob anderson
05-24-2010, 01:54 PM
The Broadcast should work perfectly in either mode. From what you described, I'd suggest trying a system restore. This only overwrites the C partition of the TriCaster and shouldn't effect any of your program content.

Before doing so, I'd suggest powering the unit down, flipping it over, and writing down both the TriCaster serial number, as well as the Windows unlock code.

Also, be sure to reinstall the updates after restoring, as the restore returns you to factory settings.

Bob Anderson