View Full Version : How will Lightwave utilize a ATI FireGL V8650

Manveer Dhillon
05-23-2010, 06:22 PM
Hello I was planning to upgrade my computers graphic card to enable me to work on larger scenes without stutter. I keep reading that the FireGL cards and Quadro cards will work better than the typical "gaming" graphic cards. In this case will using a ATI FireGL V8650. Will it make rendering times any faster? Are the ATI drivers for this card geared specifically to maximize the effectiveness of Lightwave 3D?

Appreciate any input in this matter.


05-23-2010, 06:25 PM
What you say is correct, regarding performance of high end cards such as the FireGL series.

But unfortunately LW doesn't really take advantage of cards like that. You may see a slight improvement in GL performance but to be honest, the gains are pretty minute.

If you use another program or are planning for the future, then I would recommend getting the card. But if all you use is LW, then I wouldn't waste your money.

05-24-2010, 02:48 AM
The only solid evidence of increased performance with 'workstation' cards is in CAD applications and Maya...and even then there's a lot of voodoo and sales speak surrounding the supposed 'evidence'. The best bang for your buck currently is with the fastest single processor card - and by far the cheapest option is a 'gaming' card. The workstation cards use the same processors and components but generally 'used' to have marginally better drivers...if you think that the drivers are worth a 300%+ increase in cost then go for it.