View Full Version : CG Roulette now with CG animation/Movie Mode

05-19-2010, 06:46 AM
CG Roulette CG Movie and Animation Mode

Cg Roulette is a new feature of CG Gallery ( CG GAllery (http://itsartm.ag/b3491K) ), the social CG Gallery for high end 3D, 2D and video artists. When CG roulette runs, click in the picture or on next picture button to see a new one ( or next movie to see a new video when movie mode is selected) . Choose a filter in the dropdown menu at the bottom left to fiter CG Roulette and pick a random picture from all CG gallery entries or only awarded or masters pictures. You can also choose the movie mode and display a random animation picked in CG Gallery entries.

Rediscover tons of CG 2D and 3D artwork, awarded and masters CG artists in an unique way. Try CG Roulette (http://itsartm.ag/dyjJMC) now!

http://itsartm.ag/9414Y2 (http://itsartm.ag/dyjJMC)