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05-15-2010, 02:53 AM
Hi all thave a request that I think could fit well, especially within CORE :agree:

Just saw this video regarding a good new feature in 3Ds MAX I wasn't aware of, called caddy


watch carefully the vid for further details.

basically, what caddy allows is the possibility to allow a viewport centric workflow, with the user focusing onto the model rather than on the UI.

I think this could be added in LW too, especially if its CORE, with some further possible enhancements:

basically what i see in this vid is a good idea, not brought to its completion, because you have to click in the UI to fire a tool, click on the small box besides it and activate caddy.

In CORE could be added into different but efficient ways at the same time, for better user experience.

something like caddy should be introduced:

1) as a general preference, valid for every tool (sort of like Modo has head up display in viewports (could be activated with a simple keyboard shortcut too, as it happens for manipulators

2) with keyboard shortcut as an extension of a tool, meaning that user fires the tool, uses it with manipulator, and can fire up the caddy as well hitting another keyboard shortcut

in general, I think would be awesome to have this kind of feature, working in conjuction wiith manipulators and other possible devices too:

user fires for example bevel, uses manipulator to fine tune it, but can fire up caddy to stay on the object, yet edit parameters, for example typing values,doing maths,etc, like you can do in tool parameters within UI.

in this way, users could even work quite without a classic UI at all. just use keyboard shortcuts, work with something like Maya hotbox, if introduced, contextual menus, heads up display, manipulators and something like caddy, stay on the model, and continue creating at rocket speed.

I'd call this paradigm something like viewport centric workflow, in the sense that the more user can work without the UI, the faster and artistically he can work.

another consideration is that someting like caddy could even evolve, becoming a device not only to type in values related to one tool, but also a system, sort of a viewport centric UI to access to other tools if needed, without needing to access to the classic UI (for example adding a contexual menu to it and/or associate it with keyboard shortcuts, evoking tool palettes.

Hope what i wrote makes some sense ! :)

Actually this is what users will need in the near future. viewport centric workflow, allowing them to stay on the model or scene as much as possible, thus forgetting problems related to UI, using less mouse clicks as possible, but at the same time having total control on numerical operations for precise modelling. Using devices like caddy and the others we just have yet, could totally change the user experience.

p.s. if something like caddy is introduced, i'd add some trasparence possibility too, just to make it less distracting

05-15-2010, 10:21 AM
I can sort of go along with what I think you are saying.
The "caddy" seems more or less an abbreviated version of the numerics panel.

So, instead of an opaque panel off to the side, a translucent box made smaller floating in the viewport.
Well, for some tools that is pretty reasonable, for some the controls get a little large. So, let's come up with some ideas.
One idea might be if you have a numeric panel that is large, elements might behave more like the "dashboard" in the Mac OS. Shrinking elements down until you mouse over them.
Or some may have the options collapsed like a file tree. You expand them as needed.

I think the options you "have" to use when activating the tool (or why else would you have selected it?) need to be at a good size to begin with.

I also don't like that the "caddy" seems to appear right on top of the selection point. Some people may like that. I'd think I'd prefer for the software to look at the selection in relation to the window and place the panel just outside the selection point by a radius. That way it is still close to where you want it but not right in the way. Maybe a control on the panel itself to move it off center of the selection and rotate it around the selection?

All blue sky stuff. Can't see any of it happening before 2 or 3.0 release.

P.S. Max appears very "clicky"

Chris S. (Fez)
05-18-2010, 06:53 PM
P.S. Max appears very "clicky"

True to an extent but there are hotkeys for everything along with an assortment of must-have scripts that dramatically improve workflow.

05-23-2010, 08:25 AM
yeah, but you can't enter numbers/maths in a hotkey. :D
now, imagine modelling with no UI into a big perspective window with no other UI element visible. you can fire hotkeys and a caddie appears to enter precise numbers at your need (maybe a particular hotkey for the caddie to appear would be needed.)

as for position yeah it should be into a place it doesn't get in the way. in video i posted you can put that at a side, and it follows the new position related to mouse cursor position. but some better default position and definitely a transparent look would be awesonme for sure.