View Full Version : 9.6 demo registration problem

05-11-2010, 11:24 AM
i downloaded the file to a mac - copied to a flash drive - copied to my intel - installed onto a vt[5] system - got the registration popup with no democode present - clicked on the scan lock code the first time - and never got any code to put into the registration - tech support says it should also show up on a splash screen before jumping into discovery mode - also that i may need to upgrade sentinel drivers - i did reinstall a couple of times - once with sentinel drivers activated which loaded and runs the sentinel stuff at startup - but i never see or get any number to use to register and ever since the initial install the program jumps to discovery mode - i do get a dongle id if i run the getlicense key but since i have no dongle it stays in discoverymode no matter what.

any clues as to getting a code - it seems like loading the program with sentinel checked to install should have given me new enough drivers to run the demo lock id number fetching should have worked. tech supported says to get the very latest drivers from sentinel ....:help: