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05-10-2010, 12:10 PM
The NewTek LightWave community enjoys the good fortune to have many talented artists and developers who contribute to the advancement and success of LightWave. Two of our leading contributors, Rob Powers and Chuck Baker, have been providing great ideas in the development plans for what NewTek will unveil for LightWave this year. As a result, Rob and Chuck will be teaming up to take a more active role and will co-manage the development group.

Rob Powers, NewTek’s director of entertainment and media development, is a longtime professional LightWave 3D artist and production supervisor who joined NewTek after, most recently, working with James Cameron on the Academy Award-winning Avatar. On Avatar, Rob managed a team of artists using LightWave 3D extensively to create the Virtual Art Department (VAD) and the virtual world of Pandora.

Chuck Baker, NewTek’s 3D development manager, has been with NewTek for 16 years and for the last four years has been an integral part of LightWave 3D development. Together, Rob and Chuck will communicate how you, as a 3D artist, will benefit from the exciting new developments in LightWave.

Jay Roth, president of the 3D division at NewTek, is taking a leave of absence. Look for the first communication from Rob and Chuck this week on the development progress of LightWave 3D with CORE Technology.

NewTek will showcase all the new happenings with LightWave with CORE Technology at SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles, July 27-29, booth #337.

05-10-2010, 12:14 PM
LightWave 3D Update

NewTek's 3D Development division is making great progress toward the next edition of LightWave 3D, NewTek's flagship 3D product. Leading the development efforts are Rob Powers, NewTek's director of entertainment and media development, and Chuck Baker, 3D Development Manager. Our HardCORE and online user communities can look forward to strong communication and regular development updates which share the ongoing innovation of our 3D technology.

Commenting on his new role, Rob had this to say: "As a LightWave user for over 17 years on feature film, prime time television, commercials, and music videos projects, I love what LightWave allows me to do with my art and I am thrilled to be directly involved with our software team as we move forward with LightWave 3D Development to roll my production experience into the product for the benefit of our users. The importance of workflow, pipeline integration, and all of the unique features available in the LightWave 3D Modeler and Layout apps are made even stronger now with the addition of LightWave CORE technology and I am very excited about our future direction."

"LightWave is all about fast and easy content production that gives maximum creative freedom to the artist," said Baker, who has been with NewTek for more than 16 years, and managing the 3D engineering group for four years. "Quality production without either compromise or complication is the DNA of LightWave, and we are engaging our users more closely in our development process than ever before to insure we keep that for them. Open and steady communications with the users will guide 3D development so that they can leverage their experience even as their capabilities grow vastly."

The LightWave 3D App Suite: Modeler / Layout / CORE
NewTek's LightWave 3D Modeler and Layout apps continue to offer all of the powerful features that users have come to expect from the product, including a rock-solid polygonal and sub-d workflow, a powerful layer-based and nodal material and shading system, particle and dynamics systems integrated with an industry leading .MDD point cache format, the latest real world lighting tools, and one of the industry's fastest, easiest to use, and highest quality render engines. Added to that now are a linear color space workflow, 64-bit capability on the Mac, additional rendering features and performance, including enhancement for up to 64 cores per system, and the most stable LightWave version ever produced.

In addition to our Modeler and Layout apps we have our newest LightWave CORE app, based on the latest industry leading architecture, and together this powerful suite will place even more capability in the hands of LightWave 3D users. LightWave CORE adds powerful file and pipeline interchange tools, animated modeling capabilities, and real time rendering. Many of the new technologies developed for the LightWave CORE app, including the exciting new OpenGL display enhancements, are being integrated across the entire LightWave 3D Apps suite.

LightWave 3D Apps Suite, now including Modeler, Layout and CORE, will continue to offer one of the most user-friendly and complete end-to-end solutions for artists and designers. With LightWave 3D, they have the power to realize their creative vision within an integrated workflow, without the need for complicated scripting tools or teams of technical directors. LightWave 3D has always empowered individuals and studios to transform their ideas into reality quickly and with the highest rendered image quality possible. Now, with the increased focus on workflow and pipeline integration, users and studios will find it even easier to take advantage of the powerful tools offered in the LightWave 3D Apps Suite.

05-10-2010, 12:21 PM
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