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David Keyes
05-08-2010, 10:45 PM
Hi, we are expanding our use of a Tricaster Studio to include control and source for a Panasonic PT-FW300 projector. Thus far we have tried Networking the Tricaster to the projector. In our trials thus far we navagated to the Windows desktop and started Panasonic's control software that they supply for wired or wireless control of the projector. We are able to operate the projector and stream a live computer screen with full success. However when we attempt to start the switcher we stop at a gray screen and are only able to break out with a tap of the power switch on the tricaster. So our next attempt was to control the projector from a wired LAN connection on a Laptop and send video stream via wireless/wired s-video to the projector. This worked well and added control features like video/audio mute and power down of the projector, however it added another layer of complexity to operation going from keyboard to keyboard. It would be nice just to stream via network directly to the projector from live output. Any suggestions?
In the external s-video/DVI mode we have a need to stream video from DVD's. We experimented with an external DVD player connected via USB utilizing the DDR which provides useful features like offline video search and queing. However while we can drag and drop video and audio files seperately to the ddr, I'm not sure how to link them for a complete audio-video output. Probably simple but along with one or two other things it's not covered in the manual... Newbee here! Any thoughts?

05-10-2010, 12:02 PM
The way TriCasters are built you would need to run a normal video line to the projector the TriCaster shuts down certain services when the switcher loads (as much as it looks like a normal computer it is not)

You should use one of these inputs: (which the Tricaster has all of them)

D-sub 15 pin x2

Component: RCA x3
S-Video: 4 pin x1
Composite: RCA x1

David Keyes
05-18-2010, 01:46 AM
Thanks Brett, I think I'll use the DVI port which allows graphics overlay on video. Any thoughts on the External USB DVD player. I'm wondering if it is necessary to convert to avi or mov?

05-18-2010, 08:45 AM
Really do not look at the TriCaster as a computer it is a switcher. Convert your DVD on another computer transfer to a hard drive and then connect that hard drive to the TriCaster and move the file.

Wouldn't you hate it if you installed a DVD ripper and then all of a sudden your TriCaster is now crashing all the time. Sounds far fetched but I have seen it happen. You should really not install anything onto the TriCaster, you should not surf webpages with the TriCaster, you should not play games on the TriCaster.

it is like a race car... it will get you around the track better than anything else out there and it cost a lot of money... but you can not say hey let's take the race car 4x4 rock climbing it may work for a bit but in the end you will break the race car.