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04-30-2010, 10:19 AM
Here's the worldwide YouTube release of the new hit music video "TriCaster in HD" from The Smokin' Toasters!
Look for their new album "The Smokin' Toasters Greatest Hit" available on Guru Meditation Records and 8 Track tapes.
Now, that's cool.
I give it 5 thumbs up.


'Wonder what new concepts might work for adding to NewTek's arsenal of promotional music flicks? Hmmmm. I've got one.

The The Smokin' Toasters might experiment with a beat that's still danceable -- yet totally uncharacteristic of their style, that viewers won't be able to get out of their heads. This would be the lead track in that proposed Greatest Hits project...

Get some smooth NewTek marketing lyrics juxtaposed over a synth-based vibe embellishing a formidably hypnotic funk groove.
Now for maximum effect, intersperse rhythmic cuts featuring Kiki fully entranced as a Dance/Funk diva, in a "Janet" music video parody of "Control".

The piece spotlights the full range of NewTek's production and post offerings, depicting images and motion vignettes of hardware and software screenshots, expertly manipulated by some kuel production dudes engaged in the realtime creation of live text and graphics overlays (iVGA™, LiveText™ and DataLink™, etc); cut with scene slices of graphics designers manipulating video, text, graphics and 3D content in LightWave CORE™ and 3D Arsenal Content Theater

Reveal to teams engaged in HD-SDI Live shoots with the TriCaster family performing feats of multicamera magic at a variety of venues with LC-11, 3Play™, TimeWarp™ and more, then breakaway to more of Kiki, while her set changes in 3D LiveSet fashion, within the music video itself (but near the end of the music piece, camera moves to give way to revealing that LiveSet was responsible to how much of the video was produced...

Camera whip-pans to an extreme close-up of TriCaster TCXD850 on the job in that very same setting, then the "camera" pulls back, to show the XD850 is really mounted in a rack at the rear of the TriCaster Live Production Mini-Cooper, which was just powered off, then the rear hatch is closed shut and the vehicle pulls off away onto a clean and smooth, asphalt highway in Texas.

Vehicle swooshes z-axis away from camera, into the scene of a time-lapse from an amber sky-laden, sunny early evening; animated birds dot the horizon, complimented by a backdrop of surreal, puffy, clouds, dancing to the fading groove; camera pans toward the west, to reveal a brightly smiling golden sun, bobbing its head and winking at the viewer as it sets...

[Fade up Contact Info/Credits]
Music Out
Fade to Black

Project Title:

NewTek TriCaster™ presents:

Hmmmm. Now who could be so imaginative, so as to create the elements needed for a compelling lyrical satire and produce audio/visual segments parodying "Control"?