View Full Version : 10 Monitors on a Stage, revisited

02-27-2003, 11:58 AM
We did a test run this morning and everything was fantastic!
We'll be playing with the brightness, contrast and saturation, but they looked great on the test run.

I swish panned, zoomed, tilted and NO unsatisfactory results. There was a slight amount of Moiré effect when zoomed really tight on the screen, but even that was minimal and won't hurt us at all.

They are actually a 50 something inch LCD screen.

I can say for sure, after seeing how well these worked out, I'm going to be writing them into a few more of our productions!!!

The company, "Live Light", has 19 of these monitors, with more on the way. They are located right here in Fresno California. They do some of the biggest stage productions in the Country.
How lucky am I they are based in Fresno!
Man, these things open up a world of possibilities.