View Full Version : camera defaults to x,y,x,h,p,b all zeros or same position

04-26-2010, 07:46 AM
i do not knw what i did or what happened but whenever i move the camera to another position (this is for still pictures not animation and is at frame 1), and press F9, the camera always defaults to x,y,z, h,p,b=all zeros. its annoying to again and again re-position the camera for a still render.

in another scene, whenever i press F9, the camera seems to go back to a frame 1 position. i could have pressed the enter key and created a keypoint at frame 1. i deleted that key, but the camera when F9 is pressed still again renders to the position before i pressed the delete key button below the slider.

i have to keep pressing the enter key to create a key at frame 1 and to render properly the camera position i wud like or else this wud default to either x,y,z, h,p,b=all zeros OR another camera position (in another scene of course).

i am using perspective control camera 0.1.5 which never gave me problems before.

what could be wrong or what have i dont wrong and how do i please fix this..

LW9.6, xp pro 32-bit, 4gb ram, dpont plugs and free camera plugins


04-26-2010, 08:39 AM
You turned off AUTOKEY and need to turn it back on?