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04-22-2010, 05:33 PM
I am currently using 8 xstream. Not yet to 8.4

I have just used my xstream like a stand alone for years. Port camera with vuesync and objects with VExport (mostly for reference).
render out of each package separately and comp back together.

I am curious about using my xstream more the way it was intended.

So, units.
If i animate my camera in LW and sync it over, then opening that file back in LW messes up the camera?
If i move my camera 6 m and then sync the animation, my vue file seems to see the distance as almost double that (makes sense maybe with the scale being at 50 for the synced camera to match?

I know changing the scale number messes things up.

Can I change my unit to meter size somehow to make things match?

Is there a reason that when I open my synced vue scene back inside LW, the motion/camera etc. doesn't match to the one in was ported from?

Basically I am looking for the xstream workflow that makes sense.

It seems a shame to have it open inside LW and never use it that way - but it hurts my brain.

04-22-2010, 06:44 PM
So i could just scale my LW scene.
However I am curious about people's xstream workflow.

I work with a lot of tracked cameras, and also with things that get a lot of camera animation changes. This is why i've used vue as a stand-alone for a long time.