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09-10-2003, 07:00 PM
i use lw from many many years, from 3.5 amiga.
i love lw, i think lw, i also have a lw jewel appended at my neck
lw must be developed in modern way

during my using i find many troubles derived from freaked choise of developing.

i'm a 3d artist which during it's life teach also sculpting, developing in html, C++ and visual basic, and i did a lot of things, i know how to develop a software, and during using of lw i see error that i teached to my guys in the second day
holy ****!

lw seems not have any error check and verifying, memory using strange, and not use correctly virtual memory.

1) lw must can use or write (option) on disk render buffer, if you try to use some plugin to save a multipass images at print resolution, lw do error of not enought memory (on 2gb of ram and 12gb of virtual memory of my computer....)
1bis) if screamernet not have enought memory to load plugin, it must save a simple flx file, not skip saving
2) lw must check before save if path exist and if have enought space, not crash or avoid to save with generic plugin error, without a correct error message
3) lw must have advanced routines error, not crash or generic message
4) spot light must work with trasprent obj (like you can do with G2) and shadow map images must be accessible from processing tab, to apply texture or more interesting procedural and gradient effects on shadow
5) check all bug and before to add more features, is better to do full working actual features.
6) integrate plugin, and will do it inner core lw, not a wild list of single to single plugin which cannot work togheter (see morph mixer and sockmonkey, very useful if you can combine, but one overwrite other point displacement)
7) allow the saving of more temp file, like opengl texture proxi, and more, if you work for print resolution, you work with 5000x5000 or more texture, and you must attend some minutes to load and convert texture for OpenGL
8) dockable panel, i'm tired to move and align panel under panel, from how many year there are a windows snapping on win and mac platform, only lw miss it
9) real customize menu and key, i want to customize every single panel, and shortcut, instead to find a shortcut that under MacOs X work only with usa keyboard, and under windows only if you are an octopus, i think is not a big difficult to do every single shortcut modificable.
10) check and solve bump bug with UV
11) check and solve Hub bug which crash layout if during render of Layout you modify obj in modeler, hub try to change obj, and crash is often the only answer
12) do usable the are light, too slow, too noise, check the XSI's mental ray area light, fast, and clean
13) more ray recurtion limits, to work with a complex glass rendering, actually i work on a complex glass render and sometimes, i see troubles for low ray recurtion limits and i need to compose many layer to have correct result
14) optimize memory allocation (for example check texture applied, check texture portion see in render and load only that part of texture, like renderman do usually
15) develop object oriented !!! god we are in 2000, not in 1970
16) optimize better opengl support
17) kill hub and use memory stack, more useful, more flexible, more fast, less breakable.
18) more parameters and more flexible gradint input, if i choose bump input i would like to select if all bump or a single layer of bump
19) more presets for very important area like Motion Designer which is less documented and with floating parameters, where you can see 0.001 like default and when you whant to use it you must set 1500
20) delete every reduntant plugin, and build a new clean plugin
21) integrate or kill multithreading, is not possible that if i set multithreading on Motion Designer collision bad, or object explode, instead to do a correct collision like it do with thread at 1 (tested on dual celeron, dual pIII, dual Athlon, Dual Xeon)
22) plugin must check integrity of file saved (buffer saver plugin, save plugin)

the list can be endless, i hope some suggest will be read from Newtek developer team and work in tah direction.
p.s. my computer is worndeful and stable 3dbox with dual xeon 3.0 ghz, xgl980, with 2000 pro, where maya 5 work fine, and many other software.
I used and use different software and os, MacOsX, LinuX, NextStep,AMiga, Windows, BeOs, ScoUnix, Solaris, and i did 3d with Sculpt4d, Real 3D, Solidthinking3D, Renderman, Lightwave, Maya, AfterEffects, Digital Fusion, CCCP, Visual Studio, Code Warrion, and more.
I know enought to tell what are a weak points of lw, and i hope Nt read this and work to do better.
if need a real betatester, which not only play with software, but check the software sistematically and send you bug and demo scene of bug, tell me

from many years a did beta tester for many 2d and 3d developer, for most of previous citated software,
for lw i did betatester at payment, i mean that i bought lw and did a betatester of a software instead to be payed to test an uncompleted and unstable software.

i spent years to work around the hole and troubles of lw, i teach to anyone to love lw and workaround to bug and hole, missing plugin, unworking features, and so on

in these last days i risk to miss a lot of money in works which i could'nt complete in dead line for a bunch of bug and unworking features of lw.
i bought maya to see if it's more stable, but at first impression is more flexible, but less productive.
i use lw from 3.5 and like me a lot of people are tired to use an unstable software. i did technical support for lw, and know perfectly the problem of lw, especially under mac os, where is an unstable bomb generator for some version (5, 6, 7.0, 7.5b)

the bugs which i tell i verified it on 7 different computer, os, situation.
please Newtek work on bug not on new features
or many people which start like me with lightwave migrate on other software.

09-11-2003, 09:21 AM
I can only agree with that since I've been waiting for such corrections since a long time.

Checking space on volumes and a better handling of memory are so basics features in todays' software that I can't understand why LightWave is so odd in it's behaviour. Same goes for the error messages.

There is 2 points of your with wich I'm specially agree: 5 and 20.
I'm amazed by the amount of similar plugins/functions in LightWave that seams to be unfinished tho you can't get 100% benefit from one of them and your always forced to juggle with half working features. That's everything but productive or professional.

09-11-2003, 11:36 PM
well, so many bugs, so little time...

09-12-2003, 02:42 AM
totally agree, I dream of a crisp, streamlined version of LightWave with a responsive well thought out UI!

software perfection! :)

09-12-2003, 04:18 AM
Hoping for the best! :D


09-12-2003, 06:40 AM
'totally agree, I dream of a crisp, streamlined version of LightWave with a responsive well thought out UI!'

Doesn't everyone dream it of every software they use?

09-14-2003, 05:41 PM
Hi MadRenderman!!!!
You know who i am... where have you been ? Please contact me in pvt, i've some things to ask you.
I totally agree on your post, mostly on Obj-oriented instance.

See you!

Paolo Zambrini

09-15-2003, 08:36 AM
Madrenderman is always right when talking of Lw. we had an interesting conversation about Lw and its features and Maya too.

unfortunately Nt have no time for doing all that work in a clever and efficient way. this for upcoming Lw[8].
true that in the past, great errors and no great amount of tests were done from Nt to implement features in a clever way.

Lets wait for 8.x releases though, maybe we'll see smth interesting.

07-20-2005, 04:15 AM
"Bump it up!"
"Yes Master."


07-23-2005, 02:53 AM
i experienced systematic crashes on LWSN.exe if you create a scene with multiple video sequences as textures, with multithreading ON.

07-23-2005, 11:49 AM
What could I say more than, I agree a 100%

07-23-2005, 05:55 PM
That's why we are here !!!
More than new features , we want a stable software (all your list with more things not listed ... ).

Yes, there is "stupid" things in LW.Sometime I have lost a lot of time in production... but I am sure there are listen more customers than in the past. That's why I spend more time on the forum than before ...
I hate the old team :grumpy:

But I like the fact that all request and all posts are read.
I like the fact to get answer from Chuck and sometime by the developement team in this forum

Of course more we will request same features , more Nt will correct or add them. (ie: If I want a teapot plugin and I am only one how asking it.. I am sure it will not be the priority for developer).

That's why it's import to make feedback for everyone in this section.
if there are 10 persons asking the same things, more we will have a change to get it. :agree:

At the beginning (since a long time) , I was doing screenshots, photoshop explainations, bugs reports ... but it was like talking to a wall, never get feedback, never seen features.

But NOW, I feel like NT team is listening, because they did understand that to improve LW and to keep them in the competition, they need to listen to us.

:thumbsup: that's why I didn't migrate totaly :o