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09-10-2003, 06:41 PM
Hey guys im fairly new to lightave and ive been putting alot of time in to tutorials and stuff. I was wondering i created a logo in adobie photoshop and converted it to an ai. i loaded it with the epsf loader and i had all the points to this logo sitting infront of me but i cant seem to change them to proper polygons>?????
i tried clicking drill on and off and every thing.. and this modle is the letters CRIM.

i tried skinning but that filled in the out sides and stuff i tried selecting all the dots in order and (p) but that dosent properly fill in the polygon Im sure theres an easier way to do this does any one know how??

Paul Lara
09-10-2003, 10:02 PM
Convert to Closed Polygons
Turn on Auto Axis drill

09-13-2003, 11:45 PM
I'm sure you have your import working by now but here is a quick tip or two.

Selecting your points in clockwise* order and hitting p, should always produce a proper polygon.

Holding up your right hand with your fingers curved will remind you what direction to go around with your thumb showing the surface normal direction.

Make sure the points you are selecting are in the same plane and don't cross over each other. For complex shapes you can do it in small chuncks then merge adjacent selected polys with Z (Merge Polys).

*Clockwise when in the 'back' view. Don't even ask, cause you won't like the answer...

... is it just me or does it seem like this is the wrong forum...