View Full Version : AlphaBlocks & Waybuloo * awesome kids animation

04-17-2010, 03:27 AM
* you may not be able to see the images , i ripped them direct from bbc .

JUST AWESOME , the work that goes into alphablocks animation is just superb and there interactive kids games on cbeebies puts flash games to shame .

Waybuloo I clocked onto this ages ago , its now went mainstream , I little birdie told me its filmed near Glasgow , I maybe incorrect , but im sure I can hear the Scottish kids accent come threw in the audio .

*ps may kids an awesome actor and would love to be on that show ! " and yeah sadly she know that there renders " my bad ..... :D ,so if you know anybody ...........

anyway my point , I'm a big kid and it makes me smile ,and I've not posted a thread in about 10 days getting the forum itch :D