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04-13-2010, 10:45 AM

With the introduction of the LightWave Surface Baking Camera in the LightWave 9.x release cycle, a wide variety of artists have been able to take advantage of all of LightWave rendering capabilities. Now, Kelly "Kat" Myers will show you the ins and outs of this hugely advantageous technology to help you create bakes for your surfaces beyond what you may have thought previously possible for games, TV and Film production use.

Using real world production assets in this series of videos, "Kat" will show you the step by step process on how to create stunning results with your bakes and apply them in several areas helping to speed up your renders of extremely large scenes that would normally require intense rendering time or complicated light set ups.

Learn how to create your high or low poly target baking meshes with UV's in Modeler and then how to take them into Layout and set them up for baking that will give you incredible results ready for direct use in LightWave 3D or a game engine editor such as Unity3D or Unreal3D or for porting over to other applications preserving your intended looks perfectly with full rendering (buffer results) output preserved.

Learn how to apply high-end compositing techniques to your bakes to capture photo realistic results and apply them to your texture baked objects.

This two part class is a great introduction to LightWave Surface Baking Camera techniques and will help you in day to day production, big or small and keep you competitive. It will help anyone from introductory users of the LW surface baking camera to advanced users who need to get their objects into game engines, over to other applications or back into LightWave for massive shots without melting the render farm. Take advantage of Fprime and other tools available publicly from Denis P. and db&w (makers of exrTrader and ShaderMeister), so you can crank out low poly objects that look incredibly close to their original source master objects complete with normal maps and simplified texture layers ready to load into just about anything that will take an object mesh in OBJ or FBX/DAE format.

With "KeyStone" for Unity3D right around the corner, this class will get you ready to knock out blistering fast high-end looking super fast performance game objects. Some people say LW isn't good for games development, oh how majorly wrong they are! This class will show you why and how you can turn your LightWave skills today into secret weapon hit-man for hire tomorrow.

This class is $19.95 and will be a minimum of 4 hours long (total). This is a two day series of classes 2 hours each minimum. Classes will include a questions and answers session where you can ask questions directly with Kat, Kelly Lee Myers.

If you miss a day, don't worry, we will rebroadcast the class again and you will also be given free, a download of the class once KURV studios edits it for retail sale.

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04-13-2010, 11:22 AM
Signed up for this one, thanks for putting these on Wes and thanks to Kat for revealing his secrets. The Battle Star webenairs were very good.:thumbsup: