View Full Version : Tricaster Pro PAL 4:3 "Unsupported Project Format, File Couldn't open".

AV Technology
04-06-2010, 12:30 AM
We encountered the same problems quite a few times since we first gets the system. Remembered I told you before on MSN about the problem of camera 1,2,3 flickered and audio came out bad quality ? This problems continue to appear sometimes. So we solve it by shutting down for 10-15 minutes and try again, sometimes it can pass.

Below I'll tell you the details :
1. Start Tricaster Pro

2. "Veryfying DMI Pool Data" appeared (at this point, sometimes the system will stop here, sometimes it can pass)
Pls advise us what's the problem in here.

3. If it passed. The camera 1,2 ,3 would flicker and the audio came out bad quality.
Pls advise how to solve it.

4. Every time we launch the PAL normal screen 4:3, it will came out a error message window saying "Unsupported Project Format, File Couldn't open". After that, we used mouse to click the error message, the result was no response at all. BUT, sometimes when we used keyboard "Enter", it will continue to start the Tricater (response). I try in NTSC 4:3 and NTSC Wide Screen and PAL Wide Screen 16:9 and it is ok, the problem only when i run TCPro in PAL 4:3.

5. (if no. 4 pass) Then if we click Close the Tricaster Pro window "X", and choose "Restart, Shut down, Admin, etc. " the system will stop/halt.

Pls advise how to solve them


12-21-2010, 02:02 PM
I'm having this same issue. However, instead of it being PAL 4:3 that isn't working, it is NTSC 16:9. I've done a hard reboot and cycled the power. I've also reset the configuration. It's still giving me the "Unsupported Project Format error." Anyone else ever seen this issue or did the OP ever figure out the problem?

12-28-2010, 01:39 PM
I just got of the phone with Tech Support. They emailed me the fix:

Unsupported Project Format

You will need to Rebuild the DDR playlist
Hit enter to close the message.
Once the software loads hit ctrl+v+t to close the software.

Open My Computer and browse to: C:TriCasterUser data [Your user folder] (Ex: TCPro) then drag the My DDR Projects folder out of the directory, and on to the desktop. Run the reset configuration on the desktop then relaunch the TriCaster Software.