View Full Version : Blue screen with hpx8000 (E7505 chipset)

adam kirk
09-09-2003, 04:21 PM

I run a media production course in the UK for 16-19 yr old studnets. We have just bought a toaster bundle (ver 2) latest build. We have installed this in a HP xw8000 workstation.

Its a E7505 chipset and we are running a dual Xeon processor. Sound good, it just blue screens every time we try and load the toaster driver.

Amazingly it does work in a bog standard 1.6Mhz Evo compac!

However this is not our machine and we desparatley need it to work in the workstataion we bought!

Anyone knows whats going on? We've tried it on win2000 service pack 3 and XP service pack 1.

Please help!


Adam Kirk
Course Leader in Media Produciton.
Selby College.