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09-09-2003, 02:53 PM
Firstly apologies if this has been done a hundred times or more but I could not find any threads associated with this.

I am looking at the best and quickest way to map pictures of real carachters (friends actually) onto 3d characters. I noticed that poser has what at first sights seems to be a neat section called face room where you take 2-3 photos and basicaly map onto a generic head and Bob's your uncle. Enlarge head, put on small body and you have a characateur of your best mate that you can animate and quite frankly take the p*** out of.

Question is - is there a better and as easy way to do this direct within LW so that it is all generic to LW? I have seen many outstanding quality images of faces and characters in the gallaries and assume that these have taken some serious time to accomplish which may be OTT for what I need?

09-10-2003, 10:21 AM
Actually other ways that get better results will probably take longer... You get what you pay for in time.... Caligari's trueSpace has something similar, but I never upgraded past 5.1 SP2 so I don't have it and have never tried it... On a side note - if you really want to get into working with real pics of real people and don't want to do it in a 3d type of way you may want to check out D-Sculptor (http://www.d-vw.com/dsculptor/about/about_d_sculptor.htm). Using it, you can take something like 30 or so pictures of your friends from different angles, mask off each pic, and it'll create the 3d model of them using that info. Most of the models listed on the D-Sculptor site are toys, etc, but you can increase the chart that is used to take the photos to large enough for real people to be done or cars, etc... may not be a perfect solution, but if you are not into manually moving points around in 3d, it may be the way to go.