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03-28-2010, 04:58 PM
I own the Tricaster Pro. My daily show is streamed via the 'net 5 days a week. It is internet only. I use a Canon GL1 with a basic portable green screen. Because of my room setup, the camera is very close to me. This creates a major issue:

My arms sometimes "disappear" from view due to restricted field of view. I can zoom the cam with a wide lens, and it looks fine, but only in the close up views in Live Sets. Of course if I change the view in the Live Set, I am totally out of ratio (too large in the set). Is there a better way of using Live Sets when the camera is so close to me? If I zoom out too far, then my green screen doesn't cover the background.

I need a new camera for my second studio (in another state). I do not need HD, but I do need a proper camera with good optics and a component out. I am using S-video out on my GL1. Two questions:

Is there a component cable for my GL1 that will allow me to go component in the Tricaster?

What is a recommended camera (non HD) that would work with the Tricaster component out?

Remember...I only stream via the internet at the max 512 kbps.

I intend on buying a wider green screen for my second studio. Any thoughts? Thanks.


04-07-2010, 08:09 PM
Have you found the camera? I think we have similar projects/needs so i would like to see what you found as best solution... of course if you want to share info :)

Btw which streaming server u r using for described purpose?

Zane Condren
04-07-2010, 10:57 PM
Actually Moohead your Green Screen does not need to fill the frame. Using the built in Garbage matte tools, you can crop Left, Right, Top and Bottom to crop out the background not covered by Green Screen.

The Canon GL1 is not capable of producing or outputing a component signal, the best possible output from the GL1 is S-Video.

04-08-2010, 06:38 AM
Actually as far as component output cameras...I would suggest looking at HD cameras that can output SD component. There are several.

Also if you are in close quaters to the screen...you will get a spill on you/talent from the screen. For a good key...you need to have enough seperation to light the key background seperate from the Talent lights.
Also to have these two areas within a stop or two from each other.

Now for close quarter keying I recommend a reflectmedia...and use a LED light on the camera...(as long as you don't use reflective glasses etc on your set or talent).

This is a gray curtain material that has many beads in it...and when a green or blue LED light from the camera hits it...it makes a great key in close quarters... and minimal lighting...it just isn't cheap.

Check out the new cameras showing at NAB...and check out the older models that will now be discounted :)