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09-09-2003, 10:28 AM
Alright, am I the only one who's REALLY annoyed that when you hide geometry and execute commands on the visible geometry, some of the hidden geometry starts to reappear? This is incredibly annoying!!

In the example below, I have two cylinders that I'd like to weld together (IMAGE 1). I select the points that I will be welding (yes, I know, I could simply do a merge points, but that's not the point of this example!), then I hide all geometry except those points which I will be welding (IMAGE 2). Then I weld two points. Points that were previously hidden begin to appear that are connected to the same poly's as the points that I welded! (IMAGE 3)! That makes selecting the next points more difficult, since if I use the Back viewport selecting the two points that are on top of each other will also select the points that were unhidden.

Please fix this.

09-09-2003, 01:40 PM
Yeah, that's annoying but I tend to see it in a more positive way. It may be some kind of safety precaution to remind you how your model is affected. Saved my ***** a few times.... They possibly should add a button somewhere to turn it off if one so desires.


09-09-2003, 04:02 PM
I guess it could be a good thing for some. I've never encountered a situation where the behavior was a feature rather than a bug. Either way, as you suggested, having a toggle switch to enable or disable re-appearing geometry would leave no room for complaints. :cool: