View Full Version : Crawling Bumpy Surfaces

03-17-2010, 11:12 AM
i'm in the middle of rendering a sequence where I have a table with a glass surface on top.
This surface has a bump map applied to it with some random scratches of various depth, a similar bump map is being used on the side of the table (a large wood surface).
Now I rendered about 200 frames (with final gather radiosity, 15 passes of aa with a perspective camera) where the camera slowly moves towards the object in the scene.
Where the bump maps are pulling out the details on the surfaces (especially on the glass) as the camera moves forward, there is a very apparent crawling effect which obviously looks horrible. On the wood surface its less noticeable while on the glass (which has a dielectric switch setup) its really evident.
I had to tone down the bump (a lot) to remove this effect, can anybody tell me more about this ? I was really liking the strong bump map on the glass and wish there was a way to just remove the effect. thanks in advance for any help ! :beerchug: