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09-08-2003, 07:58 PM
There were lots of discussions and threads on dual monitor support. Way back in 2000, when I visited NAB, Newtek was there with two sleek 17" LCD monitors. Someone should know what they were displaying on the monitors!!!

I own a 3DLabs VP 870 card and am facing problems with Layout. I have OGL drivers turned on for both monitors. But Layout - when "spread" to the 2nd monitor - always gives problems. (Modeler seems to be OK when spread across two monitors)!

I run other applications on the same system (Premiere 6.5/Matrox RT.X100, DFX+, Audition, After Effects) and I have Matrox's LW plug-in installed.

So what does Newtek recommend? What settings? I have disabled 3DLabs Acuity Windows Manager because it was causing grief with all the applications AND at the advise of 3D Labs forum. I use native Win XP windows manager. All the apps have stabilized so far.

So what does Newtek recommend?

Modeler on one and Layout on the 2nd monitor?

OR spread each app to cover 2 monitors?

Then why do pop-up windows of Layout including Viper always appear on the 1st (primary) monitor and the Layout screen on the 2nd monitor appear whacky and menus differ?

What do we do? Is there a recommendation from Newtek on how to set up Dual monitor support?

Please recommend or TREAT this with the urgency that it deserves.


09-09-2003, 07:38 PM
Heh! Heh! Heh!

Guess that such a simple question shouldn't deserve an answer?

I'll keep looking ...

Meanwhile I'll put the "Best Use" technology to work. (Maybe Modeler on Left Monitor and Layout on Right Monitor)!

I heard somewhere that stupid questions and silly requests hurt companies more than all those high-brow enhancement requests!

You don't want to be Maya - you ARE LW3D! Stop looking at die-hard Lightwavers - look at all those new kids on the block. They have dual monitors and they casually "Maximize" their window space and the application is READY to go ...

"A small foot step for ... A giant leap for mankind ..."

Come down from those high horses and address these ground issues first.

Satya - means "Truth"

09-15-2003, 05:39 AM
i work with lw in two monitors with (geforce4) without problem.
i use 2 real monitor with (2 or 1 with two output) graphcard a have opengl problems
use 2 monitor with 1 virtual monitor (et: no 2 times 1600x1200, but 1time 3200x1200) (windows see 1 monitor) I have not promlems! opengl is working also good. And i can straching the modeler and layout to 2 monitor without promlems. i cant speak english, but a hope you stand about i told you.

09-15-2003, 06:26 PM
Thanks Coleman!

But was wondering if there any recommendations from Spline God or Dan Ablan or Lee!

The LW manual doesn't discuss using dual monitors (unless the discussion is hidden); but Dan's book does tell you on how to manage the menus and screens. I intend to follow it.

But a more serious look on tuning Lightwave to handle dual monitors is required!


09-16-2003, 09:44 PM
LW is defenatly tuned for single monitor application, the way it addresses messag boxes is proof of that, but I use it across 3 screens and I've never had any major issues

I never stretch apps across any of the screens, but I move windows around. I put the render display on the 3rd screen, open up the image controlls and put them in a corner of the second. I move the scene editor nearly full screen on the second screen for selecting. when I'm working with G2 I open up a preview window and clone it once for each screen (ones a flat pannel on DVI, one a normal monitor, and the third a Triniton production monitor) so I can see the scene across the 3 types of screens. I always leave modeler and layout on the same monitor.

my only *major* wish (asside from having windows remember ther positions and fixing the neg. addressing issues) would be the ability to 'pin' windows for my second screen, so I could leave the global illumination pannel open while bringing up an object properties screen, etc.

09-17-2003, 06:29 PM
How about your viper window? Can you open it on any monitor?

09-18-2003, 01:20 AM
i can use viper(or other tools) on any monitors or together two monitors. Example i can stretch to two monitors the graph editor, scene editor.... opengl viewed perspective or camera viewer... For short: you can one big monitor, not two small:)you can do everything like one monitor.

Steve Reeves
10-03-2003, 04:57 PM
Hi all,

On the subject of dual monitors I have had some good success with a basic Geforce Ti4600 with a flat panel and CRT together. Always run them as seperate entities - usually modeler on the left, layout on the right etc.

My grip with LW would be it's inability to remember what dialogues have been placed on what monitors - LW always reverts to the primary monitor.

Anybod know a fix or if LW8 will solve this?

Regards to all

10-03-2003, 05:18 PM
What coleman said was true, lightwave works fine with dual monitors IF your graphics drivers allow you to set the monitors to be seen as one large monitor. Nvidia drivers can do that, not sure about 3DLabs. My display properties shows one large monitor at 2560x1024. The second monitor is greyed out. Lightwave works fine, window positions are remembered and menus work.

I would say that lightwave needs some improvements when it come to dual monitor support.

Steve Reeves
10-03-2003, 06:24 PM
I would agree with you - but LW isn't alone with regard to iffy dual monitor support. I use a utility called UltraMon which does give me some control in terms of swapping what the primary and secondary monitors are etc. and also allows me to shut down a specific monitor via an extra tab on a shortcut. This is handy for things like DVDs and games etc. It can also do things at window level - though none of this really helps with LW I fear!


10-04-2003, 08:20 AM
If I setup my two monitors as one single large monitor - I have problems with mundane software - Ever worked in Outlook spread across two monitors? Even the most common apps look terrible if spread across two monitors.

It's only when I start using LW or Premiere or DFX+ that I want more monitor space.

There were a whole lot of people asking for Layout and Modeler to be intergated together - How about running Modeler on the left monitor and the Layout on the right monitor and drag-and-drop capabilities?

How about Modeler's Quad views on the left monitor and a Perspective view on the right monitor?

Endless options ... Hope LW 8 improves dual monitor support!