View Full Version : Problem and Solution to Importing MPG files from Adobe Premiere to XD300

03-01-2010, 03:35 PM
I noticed that my imported videos would not play using Tricaster XD300's DDR. The video thumbnail inside the DDR window would go dim just after adding the MPG file.

I create my MPEG-2 videos by exporting content from Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 using Adobe Media Encoder's default settings. With a little trial and error, I found the problem: Adobe Media Encoder defaults to MPEG-1, Layer II for audio format.

The solution was simple: Change the Audio Layer setting to MPEG-1, Layer I within the Adobe Media Encoder's menu during export.

I hope this might help others going forward,


03-01-2010, 03:37 PM
Thanks for posting this, Ron!