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pdp editor
02-25-2010, 02:06 PM
I'm currently working on a video for a local elementary school's science fair. I want to jazz it up with cool LW effects because the kids like that kind of stuff. I thought I could roller coaster some their names and projects names across the camera view. the trailer plug-in came to mind.

but I had problems using this plug-in. When I loaded the object into the scene then applied trailer to it I could not get the desired effect. In a separate scene by itself no problem, it was like magic.

so I searched this forum for answers and the main thought of this post came to mind:

Why are there so few tuts and other instructional aids on how to use them and (this is important) how to over come the known and well documented issues and problems experienced by most users.

in most cases I'm referred to the creator's website just to find the following: OPEN: it opens CLOSE: it closes....... etc

needless to say this is of no value to someone struggling with a plug-in that has their object riding sideways and not conforming to the motion path.

Here is the other outcome; someone will suggest you use(fill in the blank)

and this problematic as well because it assumes< haha> that you understand (fill in the blank) so since I'm new to say string theory, my questions will be in-depth and saying use string theory to someone learning string theory will not be of much help.

I believe there is whole other side to the many aids we currently have at our disposal that is like a void waiting to be filled. there is no one teaching method for the masses, we all receive and convey thoughts differently.
I am the visual type, I learn from seeing be it a tut over the internet, DVD video or step by step instructions from a word doc. I need to see it happen from beginning to end, and if there are issues or problems that are not explained or solved the instructional value just goes over a cliff.

End of RANT... Wow, that felt GOOD, :)

02-25-2010, 04:35 PM
My displacement and endomorph DVDs do cover things like that. :)