View Full Version : Trying to import EPS into modeler (8.5)

02-25-2010, 06:07 AM
New to using Lightwave and I can't seem to import an EPS into modeler. I don't have the option to import anything. Is there a plugin I am missing, and if I find one (eps loader is what I found as a zip file), where do I install it? thanks, Mitch

02-25-2010, 06:09 AM
Beevee answered something similar a few weeks back , but i cant find the post ,something to do with enabling menus ..

02-25-2010, 06:14 AM
It should be available but you might have to add it as a menu item if it isn't showing, have you looked under the 'additional' group?...it's been a while since I used 8.5.

I'd recommend converting the eps to an Illustrator file (v.8) and importing that via the eps import, it seems to work better and retain more information.

02-25-2010, 06:17 AM
how do I enable menus?

02-25-2010, 06:24 AM
can't find 'additional groups'.... I am VERY new to this and need help BADLY!

02-25-2010, 06:31 AM
It might be in a slightly different location but try looking under the 'Utilities' tab (top row) - Plugins - Additional. See if it's located in there.

Alternatively go to Edit - Edit Menu Layout. In the left column look for EPSF Loader and drag it onto the right pane at the location that you would like the button to appear.

02-25-2010, 06:35 AM
If you want to install a plugin add the .p or .ls file to your plugin directory and then choose 'add plugins' inside Lightwave, choose the plugin and click OK. It will likely appear under the 'Additional' menu so use the steps above to find it and/or add it to a menu.

Any new plugins or menu configs will be saved when you exit the application so it's usually best to exit after making any changes and then re-open it otherwise you will lose the changes if it crashes and will have to do it again.

02-25-2010, 01:30 PM
Sometimes LightWave can get instable or lose menu items, shortcuts or plug-ins because of conflicts in the configs. The best solution is to delete the ones you have and start afresh. This procedure was written for LightWave 3D [8] but can still be applied now with LightWave 3D v9, though it's not as necessary and the Alt F11 step is unneeded.

WARNING! This will kill any customisations you have made, so it's a good idea to use the editors to save menus and shortcuts.

1. Load the Layout portion of LightWave;
2. Hit Alt F11 (or go into the Utilities Tab and click on the Edit Plug-Ins button) and then the Scan Directory button and point it to your LightWave plugins folder. It will scan the plug-ins and give you a message like "xxx Plug-Ins found in xxx files.";
3. Hit Alt F10 (or go to the Edit menu and choose Edit Menu Layout) and change the Presets menu to LightWave 7.5. Return to it and change it back to Default;
4. Hit Alt F9 (or go to the Edit menu and choose Edit Keyboard Shortcuts) and change the Presets menu to LightWave 7.5. Return to it and change it back to Default;
5. Now quit LightWave and start Modeler;
6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 but be aware that the Preset Menu will only offer LightWave 7.0;
7. Quit Modeler and quit Hub too.

It's all here on LightWiki (http://www.lightwiki.com/Something_is_screwy_with_my_LightWave) in four languages, so bookmark the page y'all... ;)