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02-24-2010, 03:46 PM

[posting again ....bored.............]

My daughter got a 251 art set for her 3rd birthday a few weeks back ,there not exactly what you would call high quality . nerveless we pulled them out on this snowy day and got drawing . I had to rush the 3 separate images as my children were bouncing around my head .

I’m not an drawing artist , the last time I picked up a pencil was the original Mewtek image so its been a while , don't get me wrong I know how to handle a pencil , but I'm not a concept artist , leave that too the pro's.


Mewtek , The dark Cat , climbed up from the gutter ,savage and they claws are lethal .

" Im not happy with Mewtek , I preferred my original image , I think he/she needs to bulk up , although my scanner was being a biatch . Usually I import via PS , but something was funky .....

AUTODUCK :The duck just don't give a DUCK ! ; he sucks the blood from all life forms .

Sadly disabled with open source , struggling to come to terms with his grasp he mends things for a living ,has created several powers which include fluids ,smoke & fire .....he packs a powerful punch ....

Mwha bored .......... couldn't be annoyed to correct the scan image , again I'm not a concept artist .

PS> FOR SALE (",) SCRIPT , Concept , Artwork



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