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Advance on Tokyo world and plot synopsis -- September 2003 --

Overview of the project

Neo Dimension Films (a collaboration between Paul Willocks and Robert Bushe) is creating a virtual world, storyline, and characters unique from other western animated films and the outlook is very promising. There have been many dates proposed, but thus far it seems the movie will be released in the summer of 2004. Its name is ‘Advance On Tokyo’.

While still in the early stages of production it has been decided the final cut of the film will include over 50 human characters, an involving plot, and scenes both on earth and in space. With realistic CG graphics, a promising storyline, and a soundtrack that guarantees to compliment the quality of the film, this project seems destined to be a hit. 3D animation fans everywhere definitely have something to look forward to.

Set in the year 2070, Advance on Tokyo, otherwise known as A.O.T is a sci-fi / action film designed for a new breed of animation enthusiasts. It will be a blend of differing film styles that will try to retain a real world feel and not be too unrealistic. As the film is set in Japan our main influences in its design have come from Japanese action movies and Japanese Anime, however, we are only using these two mediums as a stepping-stone for our own ideas to flourish.

The world in which the film is set

Chapter 1 - - Present Day to 2020 - -

The world of A.O.T is much like ours today, with the exception that its population is only a mere 3.3 billion. There is no leading superpower and most nations have isolated themselves in fear of attack from scattered warring factions of humanity.

The downward decline of our world’s society began June 21st 2020…

Throughout human history people have always been afraid of what cannot be explained. Because the human psyche is incapable of comprehending such things we create mythical figures such as god to answer what we cannot. We do this to feel less alone at night. On June 21st 2015 humanity should not have assumed the result of 5 years work and research was a miracle. This was not an act of god, it was an act of sheer stupidity and one that would change the way everyone lives on this planet forever.

Terrorism was thought to be a thing of the past. America and its closest allies had crushed all traces of its most feared and hated enemies by Christmas 2008. The world celebrated its newfound freedom and began working together, something that previously would have been impossible. Cultures merged and humanity slowly began to set aside its inherent differences for the greater good. Technology advanced at an in-comprehendible speed. The Internet grew and evolved into something that every human in 80% of the world’s nations would use day in day out. We became reliant on this super powered network of cables and hardware; slowly life became easier and more convenient.

Though politicians still argued between themselves and those of neighbouring countries the animosity that fills our world today was beginning to become a thing of the past. Democracy was now the only form of rule. Though reluctant at first even China had dispended its military government and now the decisions were made by the people who had to live there under its new democratic state. With this newfound world peace certain countries decided to disband their armed forces programs. Other nations who had grand military histories such as America, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Russia decided to maintain a certain level of military force within the world in the form of Government/Military Task Forces.

Many argued that the need for military force was against the best interests of the world and the resources used to maintain these could be better used to aid poorer countries. However decisions were now left to those countries with the resources, technology and power to deal with certain problems around the world. In the end America was still the most powerful nation on the planet and so could use its influence to make certain decisions without the consent of others. This caused a slight amount of tension but as these “decisions” did not affect most people the world’s public lost interest and stopped caring about who made the decisions.

It was by this time in 2015 that plans were set in motion to unite the world under one banner and one voice, decisions that effect one, effect the whole. As controversial a decision as this sounded it was the only logical next step forward to retain world piece. The “United Nations of Earth” treaty was signed by leaders of every nation in the city of Tokyo at 00:00AM Japan Standard Time, April 15th 2016. Almost every human being on Earth witnessed the historical signing. While the choice of location for the signing had been a controversial one it was decided that a computer should make the final decision. A pole of all countries capital cities was made and Tokyo was chosen at random. The rest was history.

It was rumoured for a time that the White House would be used as the headquarters for this new world government. Rumours started to emerge; everyone wanted the headquarters in their own nation. Eventually it was decided that Geneva would be used and its council would be made up of representatives from all over the world. All military forces were disbanded and became a part of history but would never be forgotten. A new military force was born under the name “U.N.E (United Nations Of Earth)” which combined the best elements from all armed forces before it.

Coming soon - Chapter 2 - - 2020 to 2040 - -

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