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02-23-2010, 11:42 AM
February 23, 2010

Dear LightWave® Community

Since unveiling details of the feature list for LightWave with CORE Technology to our HardCORE community and entire LightWave community—we have been making exciting progress.
This week, I’d like to update everyone and unveil some first looks at the new working interface we are developing for NewTek LightWave with CORE Technology. We are also excited to share with you our first Camtasia video, which demonstrates the amazing speed of our new Viewport Preview Render (VPR) rendering system currently under development.

Camtasia Video VPR Reveal:
~450,000 Polygon Tanker Model by: Antanas Skucas

VPR is the progressive interactive render preview system for NewTek LightWave with CORE Technology. Using the exact same code as the CORE render engine, VPR offers a "wysiwyg" result very quickly. Multi-threading and multi-processor support means that VPR scales very well with whatever system you are using for LightWave with CORE Technology. It's a very fast, responsive system, with a unique twist: you can actually interact with all scene elements within the VPR viewport itself (as if it were just another viewport as far as LightWave with CORE Technology is concerned.) That means that you can directly interact with materials, lighting, view point, item placement, and, most importantly, create new objects or edit existing objects right in the VPR viewport.

Moving forward, we plan to offer monthly, and at some stages, bi-monthly community updates (supplemental to the monthly LightWave Community Newsletter) with many sneak peeks at LightWave with CORE Technology as we advance toward the ship date.

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We are delighted to see such positive community and forum support for what we have planned for LightWave with CORE Technology. Our ongoing goal at NewTek is to deliver solid, tested, and stable new software—exactly the same expectations as echoed in the community forums.
So, with your sentiments, and our dedication to shipping a solid, tested, and stable software application—we have made the decision to move our originally expected ship date from Q1 2010 to later in the year. We will communicate to you the most accurate expected ship date once we have entered the full BETA and testing process for LightWave with CORE Technology.

Naturally, we are dedicated to shipping the best product possible in a timely manner—but we are equally committed to shipping quality software that has been thoroughly tested and production-proven. Additionally, we are taking the necessary time to accommodate the complexities of recent new OS (Windows® 7 and Mac OS® X 10.6 in the new Cocoa® API) and hardware/graphics card advancements in the market, to assure LightWave with CORE Technology runs optimally on the latest industry OS and hardware.

We truly value your continued support, feedback, and commitment to this new release of LightWave 3D with CORE Technology. Please remember to join the LightWave HardCORE team as we remain committed the evolution of LightWave, a world-class 3D application with Emmy® Award-winning features and functionality.