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02-19-2010, 05:24 PM

I am trying to get my VUE MatchMover bundle (sold with one of the Lightwave upgrades) up and running on my new machine. Since Imagineer was sucked up by AutoDesk it's license activation cannot connect to the server.

I got a hold of AutoDesk and they sent me numbers and instructions for fixing this. I tried as best I could to ferret out the process... but no joy.

AutoDesk has not responded further.

Has anyone else successfully gotten MatchMover groovn' again? If so, any help?

Thank You,

03-13-2010, 12:08 PM
Bump! anyone, I'm getting a bit desperate :)


03-13-2010, 12:14 PM
What problem are you having?

03-13-2010, 04:06 PM
mac user? if so, you need to install rosetta on a newer mac... - just in case.

03-13-2010, 08:39 PM
Nope, thanks I probably mis-remembered where the bundle came from.

I'll check there!


03-23-2010, 08:27 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that MatchMover for Vue was an E-on and RealViz offer - not one that was part of a Newtek upgrade.

Regardless, I recall seeing some information about the Vue MatchMover in the Vue forums. Have you asked your question there?

It was a RealViz / Vue promotion when upgrading to Vue 6 Professional.

Autodesk purchased RealViz and discontinued the product. I emailed the RealViz people around that time to ask for info on how to activate the program should I need to in the future and they said 'at that time' they could generate a key... but that was then... and I still have not had a need to re-install the program... (actually I may need to soon - due to a possible virus).

It is important for you to provide as much info as possible so people can pipe in... what are you using? PC/ Mac, what OS version? What have you done? etc.

Also who did you emailed at Autodesk, I need to get those instructions as I may need to reinstall mine (along with the OS soon).. for info I am running WinXP sp3.


03-23-2010, 09:33 PM
I have tried to do this on the new Vista 64 machine, an old xp box and ....
I emailed the original address that provided my Auto Desk license, their general customer service, their tech support, the business/enterprise. I have emailed VUE and posted this at Creative Cow "Lightwave", here of course and spinquad.....

Autodesk sent me a link to info about setting up. It is so confusing and/or I am so stupid that I have had no joy. At the moment I am doing my roto work and getting closer to really needing MatchMover.....

Thanks for writing in. If you find anything or likewise if I do.... post.


Martin Adams
03-24-2010, 03:59 AM
If the instructions are technical, then maybe someone here can help. Is it easy to post (without putting any licence numbers or personal data in of course)? The only thing that comes to my mind (and is a wild stab in the dark) is that if the original issue was it can't connect to the license server, is it a case that it's moved and they need to trick you computer to find the new one? Therefore a solution involving editing the hosts file could be used.

I don't know anything about MatchMover though.

03-24-2010, 10:38 AM

Here is the email with license and links from AutoHeadache....


03-24-2010, 04:39 PM
Note: my current license is a node license, not a dongle license for info, the node license must be the hostid that they are referring to...

the doc says the license was created from a hardwareID, perhaps you gave them a hardwareID from your newtek dongle? instead of the MAC/ethernet 12 digit number (before they generated the license?)

The rest of the instructions appear to be about making your computer the activation server, and making the necessary edits to the file so when your program connects to the server (your computer) it authorizes the MatchmoverVue.

The first edit is for the programs MatchmoverVue client license.dat file (1,2,3)

#4 is about installing the server software you downloaded and adding the license they emailed you (after you change "localhost" for the actual name of the machine that is running the server software) - this is the server's license.dat


What are you using MatchmoverVue for? You are only the second/third person that I know uses it.

03-24-2010, 11:11 PM
Thank you, while still not completely clear (my fault) I have a better sense of the logic behind it.

I use MatchMover for my set extension and CG insert work. Right now I'm working on a project scene shot in the woods, with multiple actors. I am adding LW wings and some set extension. The camera free tracks with a FigRig through the scene.

MM works pretty well for pulling the camera metrics (I couldn't log them on set because it was an XL-1 with the floaty kinda info) as well as building set references for scaling and motion. I've had to do a bit of hand edit because the scene was so busy and the shot is anamorphic widescreen standard rez... whoopee......


P.S. yes Autodesk requested my MAC/ethernet 12 digit number, and that's what I gave, but I do see the hardware lock. It confuses me because I think I am actually doing too much of something and not enough of the other, and I do not know which is which :)

10-21-2010, 10:35 PM
Hi Kevin,

Did you ever get this to work? could you please post the support email you used? I am about to upgrade to a new motherboard and looks like finally i get to try this new process.