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09-07-2003, 06:42 AM
Hi Fellas !

Can anybody explain why this happens - created a uv for my model which looks fairly good inside LW. But when i export it it looks like crap ?

attaching the file..

I need of a quick answer :( ...

.: Dete :.

09-07-2003, 02:00 PM
First of all what exactly do you mean by export? Are you going to another format???.
What’s happening to your UV's is that they are sharing seams across the multiple projections you have. To correct this I usually make my projections after unwelding all the points in my mesh, then create the UV's move them into position then merge all points within 0 units. That way LW will create discontinuous UV's. You'll see once you merge, that certain edges in the UV window won't be moveable/editable, if you need to make corrections, unweld again, and merge back together when your done. In your case since you already have the UV’s laid out, I would unweld all points, then select the polys in red (including the ones that are stretched (see attached image)) merge those poly's, and hide unselected. Then move the offending points into position where you want them, then merge all the points in the mesh.
Hope that helps you, sorry for the length.