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02-15-2010, 02:14 PM

I've created a fairly straightforward 36 frame walk cycle (30fps) that I want to use in Motion Mixer. In Layout, frame 0 and frame 36 are identical. To preview the animation I set my frame range from 0 to 35, and it loops perfectly.

So my thinking was that I should specify a frame range of 0-35 when I make a Motion Mixer clip of that walk cycle, but there's a glitch at the loop point when I add a Repeat Post Behavior, like a frame is missing. In my layout timeline frame 36 is no longer identical to frame 0.

I found that I have to specify frames 0-36 when I send the motion to Motion Mixer to get a clean loop. This is not intuitive to me. It seems like I'd be getting two identical at the loop point in Motion Mixer when I add the Repeat Post Behavior, but the loop looks clean. Frame 0 is identical to frame 36, 72, 108, etc.

So I know what works, I'm just curious as to why it works this way.


Shawn Marshall
Marshall Arts Motion Graphics

02-15-2010, 05:49 PM
Motion mixer needs the last frame so it knows where the animation is going before that. It will match perfectly if you copy the motion over and over.