View Full Version : Register issues with new Duo Dongel

02-05-2010, 10:12 PM
So I finally had Newtek send a USB duo dongle as the new workstation is retired the parallel port.

I am running a LW32bit 9.62, that is (at the moment) registered with the Parallel dongle, and have a new 64bit win7 box.

At the newtek reg screen I plug in the s# and get to the screen where I can add my 64bit OS, enter my Dongle ID, and CPU. I need to update the 32bit registration as well, as that will now also use the same USB dongle.
Problem is
In the 32bit section of the REG form the old Dongle ID is not editable.
The 64bit lets me edit the type as USB and enter the numeric Lock ID but the 32bit line is hard text for the parallel Dongle ID.
OK so
I added the new 64bit settings, USB Dongle and entered the correct hardware ID and on submit the form sends an error "Windows hardware locks IDs do not match". (Gee thanks Newtek, I knew that)

I assume I need to somehow unregistered the Parallel Lock ID from the 32 bit enrty so it can be edit to reflect the new USB lock.

Aside from the added complexity of adding a 64 bit version, If I were just updating the registration from an old Parallel dongle to the new USB dongle I would still have the problem of not being able to edit the Lock ID.

Anyone been down this road and know how to register a parallel to USB dongle upgrade.

Thanks Evermax
Its a call Monday to Newtek if not, but I *** U ME D this would be plug and play as it should be.