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01-30-2010, 04:05 PM
Hey all,

I get the following error when importing a scene I exported from PFTrack. Any ideas?

No plug-in of type AnimLoaderHandler found with name MOV (.mov). Would you like to load it from disk?

Thanks in advance!

01-30-2010, 09:21 PM
Just a few guesses, but maybe the plug-in is actually missing (probably not) or maybe the .mov file extension is missing from your config.

If it's the second, open your config in a text editor and scroll to "FileType Animations" This should be followed by a list of movie file extensions like *.avi;*.mov;*.mpg. if *.mov is missing, add it and save the config. Now launch LightWave and see if it works.

BTW, if this doesn't work, it's probably safe to continue working in LW anyway. I think LightWave is trying to load the movie file you tracked as a background image, and you don't really need that except to verify the track. (BTW, for a LightWave background, I would suggest using an image sequence over any movie file...it's much more efficient and more reliable to use image sequences. For setting up a scene, use a very compressed JPEG; this will load faster and allow you to scrub. Of course, if you intend to composite with LightWave, you should switch to a non-compressed version of the image sequence before rendering.)

Hope this helps.


01-31-2010, 04:47 AM
As Greenlaw suggests, I would use an image sequence.
I discovered the same message with PFHoe when I imported the tracked data into LW because my footage was a .mov file (only PFHoe Pro can use image sequences). Ignore the message and import the image sequence manually into LW.
Once you have saved the scene, next time you reopen it, you will not get the message.

01-31-2010, 07:41 AM
Thanks! I understand now! I'm just trying to get acquainted with LW.. I'm coming from maya (Which costs 4 times more!! ouch!) and Lightwave seems to be able to do everything I need for 3D commercial advertisement.. It's just figuring out how to do everything I could do a lot easier in maya.. like compositing (which is another question I have)

In Maya you just add the "use background" material and the plane you assign it to will integrate seamlessly into the background.. In Lightwave you have to set up the node for it and then mess around with the Luminosity setting to get it to match up right.. is there an easier way to go about doing this in Lightwave?

01-31-2010, 08:48 AM
Or just load the sequence as a Background and select view Background Image as your Camera View Background. You do this under the Compositing tab. This is the simplist way to composite in LightWave. You can also select a Foreground image, which places the image in front of all scene elements.

To simulate Maya, you can map to a polygon (or any object for that matter) and use front projection mapping. But this is only necessary if you need the image to interact with shader properties, like reflections, etc. You could also just map to a sphere and use front projection mapping and as long as the camera is inside the sphere, the image will always be locked to the camea, so parenting is not necessary. You really only need to parent the polygon if you're using planar or UV mapping.

In other words, there are dozens of ways to composite in LW (as in many 3D packages,) but they all have different uses. (FWIW, I normally do all my compositing in a compositing program like Fusion, but will sometimes fall back to 3D compositing in LW to simplify certain elements to composite in Fusion. You have more flexibility to change, improve, and fix things in a compositing, plus it's just way more efficient.)

(Edit: To see a background image, your View should be set to View Background Image, of course. I also forgot to mention another advantage to using objects; you get access to all the object properties. This is useful when breaking out layers. For instance, you can make objects unseen by camera, but still show up in reflections this way. Depending on the scene, you may not need any of these features though.) :)