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01-28-2010, 10:47 PM
I purchased a 3ds model from TurboSquid that apparently used a massive # of 3rd party plug-ins.

With the very generous help of PolyTrans - have the model almost working.


I'm having a problem with the left eye image map.

PolyTrans said:

- The eyes have a uvw sphere modifier on them. Those uv coordinates are not being provided in the final mesh but rather are being overridden in the geometry modifier pipeline. I only had to add a 0.2 "u offset" to the texture map of the eye.
But - even though I see how the eye gets it's image map in the surfaces editor (and was able to use this to apply wing surfaces), I cannot figure out where to input the '0.2 "u offset"' in 9.6?'

How do I apply that offset?

And - when I finally have them pointed strait, is it possible to animate that offset in LW, so that I can have the eyes focus move?

Also - each row in the scene editor (shown on the right) is a separate lwo file.

I'm going to be using JimmyRIG to animate this, and I'm curious how this might affect me (if at all).

My intention was to take the 3ds facial expressions, and create lightwave morphs - that I could also access and animate in JimmyRIG.

But, JimmyRIG works on objects, not scenes.

Is there any way to get the model's scene (which seems to be just tying together all the objects), to output a single object with all the objects in different layers?

Or - is my thinking quite muddled on this?

01-29-2010, 12:15 AM
Well if you have a working scene file you also have the object files too then right? So you could load up all your object files into Modeler and then copy/paste the files into a new object.

If the objects were placed in Layout you could use this plug-in to export all the objects from Layout to Modeler.

As for the eye issue you have the image map so I would just rebuild the eye and redo the UV map.

01-29-2010, 09:15 AM
As for the eye issue you have the image map so I would just rebuild the eye and redo the UV map.

I'm pretty much a beginner. When you say 'rebuild' the eye/redo the UV map, I'm not sure what you mean.

I got the impression there would be a way to shift the image from within LW, just like rolling the eye from one side to the other - and applying that "0.2 "u offset" to the texture map of the eye." suggested by PolyTrans would fix things.

Is that not correct? There's no way to apply a 0.2 u offset?

BTW - thanks for the advice on the plug-in, sounds like just what I'll need

01-29-2010, 11:19 AM
It sounds like Polytrans is advising you to adjust the UV map. Do this:
-Load up that eyeball object into modeler
-Change one of your viewports to UV.
-Change the perspective viewport to texture so you can see the image map on the object.
-Down in the lower right corner hit the "T" button that's next to "W" and M. Pick the name of the UV map for the eyeball. Your UV viewport should now display the UV map.
-Use the move tool and move the UV map around until the texture aligns the way you want.

When I say rebuild the UV map/object what I mean is build an eyeball from scratch. I'm assuming the eye is just a sphere that you could unwrap with UV.