View Full Version : rescale 200+ lwo objects

01-28-2010, 03:28 AM
I have rescale sequence of 200 objects. Orginally I did scaling in the Layout but LW is not precise enough there.

All objects need to be 1/15th of the original scale and the best that i can do in Layout is 0.067... and that is not good enough. Them meshes are liquid from RealFlow and at the moment is itersecting the glass producing really nasty artefacts.

01-30-2010, 01:01 PM
Even if you enter the scale manually?

If you enter in Layout Numeric 1/15 or 0.066666666666... for each channel, the object will be scaled to 0.06666667.
You can check it in LScript Commander, that give as result:

Scale 0.06666667 0.06666667 0.06666667
In Numeric you see a scale of 0.067, but it's the entered 0.06666667